Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fromista (additional history and photos)

What is Fromista?

Fromista is a small town of 800 people located in northern Spain. This town is a major stopping point for pilgrims heading to Santiago. Many pilgrims often spend the night here or relax and reflect in several of the sacred spaces. Fromista is home to several churches including, San Pedro and Santa Marian Cathedrals. However the biggest attraction is the San Martin Cathedral. This Cathedral was built in 1035 in the Spanish Romanesque style. This church may be simplistic but its rounded arches and domes, common for this style, show a form of simple beauty. This small town is a vital stopping point for pilgrims traveling the Camion and the Pilgrimage would not be the same without it.

Thoughts after visiting Fromista... 

The small town of Fromista to the untrained eye would seem to be nothing special. However, if one truly looks one finds a few hidden gems. In this small town, which once thrived during the middle ages, a small church sits. This church stands apart from the rest of the town for one specific reason, its architecture. This church was constructed in the 10th century in a Romanesque style with other stylistic features incorporated. 

Some key features to this style are curved archways and columns. This church boats both of these features. When one walks around the Church one of the first thing one notices is the domed roof and arches. It truly makes for a beautiful exterior. Upon entering the Church one also notices the columns
which all have different carved tops. These carving all are based around farming, due to the placement of this Church in Ancient Rome's breadbasket. The Church is very simple in nature when compared to other Gothic Cathedrals on the Camino. This simplicity however does not make it less beautiful and I find that I like the simplicity. 

By: RaeAnna Zinniel


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