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León is the capital of the province of León, located in the northwest of Spain. Situated on level ground at the confluence of the Torio and Bernesra rivers, the city of León is located 822 meters above sea level, and there is record of its existence as a city since the year 74 of the Christian Era when the VII Gemina Legion established itself where some clearly military archaeological remains from earlier times were found. Moreover, apart from the legionaries, a surrounding settlement was also established giving rise to the city of León whose name is a derivation of Legión.

The Cathedral (Santa María de León Cathedral)

The Cathedral is a masterpiece of the Gothic style and took over three centuries to complete. The cathedral is a playground and its stained glass windows are among the most impressive. Its main doorway is from the 13th century and the only one, which conserves the original polychroming from the 15th century because of the fact that it is protected by the walls of the cloister. The Virgin of Dado presides the scene, and in the tympanum there is a representation of the Pantocrator surrounded by the four evangelists or Tetramerous. 

The north transept adjoins to the 13th and 14th century cloister, with notable features being the Romanesque and Gothic tombs, and the, now faded, but finely detailed frescoes. The Cathedral Museum (Museo Catedralicio Diocesano de León) houses nearly 1,500 works of art from prehistoric times to the 18th century with a special focus on religious art including over 50 sculptures of the Virgin Mary.


This is one of the greatest cathedrals of Spain and having visited Burgos and Leon cathedrals on successive days I find I cannot decide which is the better. Both are superb. And then, The Cathedral has a spectacular and wonderfully colorful display of stained glass - some great paintings and sculpture, including the wonderful carvings and surrounds of the doors outside. At last, I am happy to take this class because I can meet beautiful friends and professor.   Mucho gracias!!

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